Hello dear. Getting the perfect curvy body is many women’s dream. It’s known as the most important characteristic of hour glass body shape. But, to make its come true is not easy. You must doing a diet and doing sport.

Besides that, we can use some women products to train our body to get curvy such as waist trainer, shaper panty and thigh eraser. 

Waist Trainer Belt

waist trainer

Do you know what a waist trainer is? Actually we often see waist trainer. I usually used it after pregnancy. A waist trainer is a high compression shaping garment that you wear around your midsection to slim your waistline instantly. Most waist trainers stimulate thermal activity in your core, making you sweat more with less effort during exercise.

Waist trainer belt can provide benefits to those wanting a sleeker body shape. These include:

1. Wearing a waist trainer is a fast and easy way to get a hourglass figure. 

2. Any weight loss from wearing a waist trainer is more likely to be due to increased sweating to any loss body fat

3. Help with improving posture

4. Waist trainers may provide support to woman whose abdominal muscles have stretched or thinned following pregnancy

We can choose best waist trainer for women in many online store. Recently I found a good store which sells many products for women. I find the best wait trainer for weight lost and for all body types and sizes, from small to plus size waist trainer. One of them is Loverbeauty Black Plus Size 9 Steel Bones Latex Vest Shaper

Its waist trainer has function for sweating, waist trainer, and thigh trimmer. Designed casually but elegantly in such a way that apart from work out and training, it can be combined with different kinds of t-shirts or other blouses to use it as per your very own preference. When worn Dreamlike Black Big Size 9 Steel Bones Latex Vest Shaper Higher Power during exercise, the compression stimulates thermal activity in your core which increases perspiration, allowing toxins to escape.

Shorts have always been utterly ideal for numerous purposes and other than that, their usage for working out or exercise is quite fruitful as well. this  collection does not only magnificent support to the waist but shapes up so exquisitely that you can regain your stylish body instantly.

Shaper Panty

Loverbeauty High Waist Shapewear Shorts

The second product is shaper panty. Shaper Shorts comes with a highly valuable and sophisticated regular fit which is neither too short nor too long but has ease of wearing for most people who are interested in this type of wearing. Shaper Panty is quite easy to be opened and closed as per the requirement.

We can look Loverbeauty High Waist Shapewear Shorts. This shaper panty has function such as butt lifting, abdomen control, and legs shaping. 

There are 4 pieces of glue bone are added to the waist and lace to prevent slipping and rolling. For convenient opening there is zipper crotch. 

This shaper panty also has good feature such as Glue dripping at the foot opening to prevent curling, Hip wrinkles design increases hip capacity, Butt lifting design enhances your own natural shape, 3-layer fabric design for enhanced abdominal compression,  3.5cm elastic waistband, comfortable and not tight.

The very shorts are highly ideal for casual purposes so you could wear them with trust for exercise, workout or even other outdoor motives. High Waist Shaping Short has tremendous size and length which is perfect to be suitable for almost all kinds of body types.

Butt Lifter Thigh Trimmer

Loverbeauty New Thigh Eraser/ Butt Lifter

The next one is The Thigh Eraser / Butt Lifter. It’s exclusively to help reduce the size & appearance of your thighs & lift your Butt! Its design with a strap around waist for more support while you run, jog or workout. 

We can use butt lifter thigh trimmer while working out, doing chores, sleeping or lounging at home. The heat retention will help tone and firm our thighs. The Thigh Eraser is comfortable, stretchy, soft and lightweight.

Its feature concludes of:

Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Trims appearance of thighs

Helps shed excess water weight

Keeps muscles warm

Great for working out

Tone your thighs while losing inches

Lifts Butt

Three fasten Velcro straps and a waist belt

Adjust straps for snug fit

Very comfortable for bed time or just lounging around the house

Spot train your thighs

thanks for reading 🙂

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